DayTripping Hours of Operation starting November 1st, 2016

Sunday - Saturday Variable based upon bookings.


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Camp #1 - December 27  (Tuesday), 2016  to Dec 30 (Friday) 2016

Camp #2 - Jan 2nd (Monday) 2017 to Jan 6th (Friday) 2017

For Ages 6-12




Camp will include geo-caching, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, indoor and outdoor games and much more!  Your children will experience a week of full outdoor adventure! Our highly qualified staff will be working non-stop to ensure that your child has the best overall camp experience possible. ren dez vous

1. meeting at a prearranged time or place

2.a prearranged meeting place, especially an assembly point for troops or ships

to meet or cause to meet at a specific time or place

Boothbay Area, Maine with top Sea Kayak Coaches.


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NOTE - All adventure activities involve some risk. There is always the possibility of injury. All rentals and DayTripping activities require participants to sign a liability release waiver BUT all participants should assume some risk for participating in the adventure.