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 Welcome to Maritime DayTripping & Rockwood Park. One of the largest urban parks in North America, beautiful Rockwood Park is located in the centre of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. DayTripping is located in the beautiful Lily Lake Pavilion.


A Rockin' Good Time

A billion years of secrets are embedded in the rugged terrain of Stonehammer Geopark, which is where this family adventure finds you. This geopark is the first of its kind in North America and a treasure trove of geological wonders for you to discover. Explore the trails of Rockwood Park with your guide and then suit up for your fully equipped rock face rappelling experience with adventure provided by Maritime DayTripping. Share stories and laughter over refreshments, lunch or dinner on the lakeside patio at Lily’s Café, and refresh with a swim at Lily or Fisher Lakes during the warm summer months. This is a not-to-be-missed family outing in a fascinating geological playground unlike any other.

55 Lake Dr. South, Rockwood Park, Saint JohnDates: 2013-03-15 – 2013-11-15Details
  • $175/family (2 adults, 2 children); includes $60 food voucher
  • Offered daily
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Reservations required




We Are Happy To Offer This Special Event To All Our Carnival Cruise Line Ship Guests


Hike:  Take a hike on a wooded trail around the scenic Lily Lake

Bike:  Bike around the shores of Lily and Fisher Lakes

Paddle:  Enjoy some time out on the lake either kayaking or canoeing



Visit Carnival today to book this exciting shore excursion



Equipment and a guide will be book for you in advance

A water bottle and a snack will be provided

Approximately 45 minutes will be spent doing each activity with your guide



Experience a billion years of Earth’s history at Stonehammer Geopark!

As you search for the next foothold on 554 million year old lava rock belayed to a trained guide looking to reach the top of your first or millionth rock-climbing experience, pause, look back and source the starting point of the next interpretive hike on your list. A little hint - This could easily become your snowshoe path after the first snowfall too!

Located at Rockwood Park, in the heart of Saint John, New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada, we’re your year-round headquarters for all things adventurous.

Stonehammer Geopark Activities:

A guided interpretive tour that engages participants in the Stonehammer Geopark, increases your knowledge, understanding and provides a basis for further learning about Stonehammer.  You will learn:

·    What is a Geopark?
·    What makes Stonehammer Special?
·    The Geology of Rockwood Park
·    Brief Geology of the Saint John area
·    The human history around Geology in Stonehammer – how it has shaped the human landscape

How to Book: Pre-registration required, minimum group size of 10 is required

Available: Year Round (snowshoeing in winter)

Who can participate?  No age limitations, though not specifically recommended for infants due to the nature of a walking tour.

Level of Activity: Interpretive hike is customized for each group but typically is 1-2 hours

Note:  Program operates in Rockwood Park – with route and content varied slightly based on customer requirements, age and prior knowledge.

You can Rock-Climb on a 542 million year old lava flow! 

Explore over 26 kilometres of trails for nordic walking, mountain biking, roller blading, hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Search for buried treasure using a GPS device. Learn to rock climb. Head out for a row in a canoe or kayak or navigate the Lily Lake in a pedal boat. Whether you’re looking for a challenging adventure or a relaxing outing, we’ll provide the equipment and expertise to make your day trip an exciting one.

We are located next to where you can enjoy a Stonehammer Geopark menu, partake in our Boathouse Buffet during the summer (Lobster Roll, pasta salad – full menu on request).

The Stonehammer Geopark includes almost 60 geosites, ranging from Lepreau Falls in the west, to Fundy Trail Parkway in the east, to Norton and Hampstead in the north. Geosites include places of special scientific interest, public parks, streetscapes, museums and exhibitions.

The landscape of Stonehammer has been created by the collision of continents and the closing and opening of oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes, ice ages and climate change.

The rocks of our park have been witness to the evolution of life, from the first discovery of Precambrian stromatolite fossils, to the ‘Cambrian Explosion’ of life, to the evolution of vertebrates and the emergence of life on land. The park includes geological stories from late Precambrian time a billion years ago to the most recent Ice Age, and almost everything in between.

This unique program promoting New Brunswick’s exceptional geological heritage received the 2011 Innovator of the Year Award by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

Explore our billion-year story with a guide or on your own. Note: Not all geosites are publicly accessible.


NOTE - All adventure activities involve some risk. There is always the possibility of injury. All rentals and DayTripping activities require participants to sign a liability release waiver BUT all participants should assume some risk for participating in the adventure.