Wilderness First Aid

Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid and Standard First Aid

These are experiential minimum 20-hour (3-days) or 40-hour (Advanced Wilderness Remote First Aid 4-days + overnight) courses designed for individuals who will be participating in wilderness activities within hours or days of advanced medical care. These courses will enable participants to have an appreciation for the realities of providing First Aid in a wilderness & remote environment. Emphasis will be on practical skills, decision making, and management of the outdoor environment.


Cost -
20-hour = $215.00/person (plus HST)
40-hour = $295/person (plus HST) for Advanced WRFA - extra day

+ TRAVEL if we have to come to your location (contact us for details)

NOTE: Certification includes CPR level C + WorkSafeNB Compliant Red Cross Workplace Standard First Aid (16-hour) (see Red Cross WIlderness & Remote First Aid)

NOTE: This course is taught predominately outside. Students must be prepared for sustained outdoor learning regardless of weather or season. See Equipment List.


Contact: Maritime DayTripping Inc @ 506-657-8747 or email info@daytrippingnb.com


Intended for individuals who participate in life outside the immediate access of EMS, the Wilderness & Remote First Aid program of the Canadian Red Cross is an enhancement of Standard First Aid concepts to meet the demands of remote environments. Through reality-based scenarios, participants experience how and why WRFA applies a higher level of care. Beyond understanding the differences in practice between WRFA and traditional first aid, participants explore remote first aid realities and learn essential leadership, application of principled approaches, and management of environmental threats. Emphasis is on practical skills, decision making, and dealing with the outdoors.

Traditional first aid is founded on the assumption that you have easy access to emergency services and will be managing illness and injury only in the short-term. The ramifications of time and distance on the outcome of a situation in the backcountry necessitates that the responsible wilderness provider understands  the differences inherent in managing care.

  • Bathurst Advanced WFRA March 2-4, 2018 $295 + HST
  • Fredericton Wilderness First Aid Evenings March 13, 15, 16 All day 18th $215+HST 
  • Fredericton Wilderness First Aid Evenings April  $215+HST 
  • Fredericton Wilderness First Aid Evenings June $215+HST 

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NOTE - All adventure activities involve some risk. There is always the possibility of injury. All rentals and DayTripping activities require participants to sign a liability release waiver BUT all participants should assume some risk for participating in the adventure.